Custom made fine jewelry since 1946

Roth Bros. Jewelers has been a working jewelry store since the early 1900’s; under the Roth Bros.Jewelers name since 1946.

About Us

Roth Bros. Jewelers has been a working jewelry store since the early 1900’s; under the Roth Bros.Jewelers name since 1946. It has always been a family business, we have a picture dating back to 1903 and it was Thompson Jewelers, then it was purchased by D.K. Jackson, My Great Uncle Vincent Roth AKA Sparky bought the store in 1946, my Grandfather Francis Roth AKA Matt joined his brother shortly after.The Legacy of Roth Bros Jewelers began… Vincent and Francis were both watchmakers by trade,clockmakers, and were getting their start in the jewelry! The majority of business was made up ofpocket watches, wrist watches, small kitchen appliances, flatware, clocks, and specialty gifts. Jewelrywas a part of the business but what was the lesser part of our business is not the vast majority.

Fashion evolved so did Roth Bros Jewelers! Francis’s only son William Roth AKA Willie, joined Roth Bros Jewelers in 1972 after attending the same watch/clock/jewelry school his elders did, Gem City College.Willie was versed in watches/clocks/and Jewelry, maintaining the sales of clocks/watches, andexpanding Jewelry sales and repair per the demand. As they say “History Repeats Itself” …., Roth Bros Jewelers has grown further into the business it is today when Willie’s two sons Rusty joined the business in 2000, and Greg in 2002. Currently, Willie, Rusty, and Greg and associates are the one who will greet you at the store front, over the phone, or via email/text.

History / About US

As fashions change, technology continues to evolve the business, towns grow, Roth Bros Jewelers adapts and continues to expand and embrace change. The longevity of our family business is quite an accomplishment and is a great attribute to attracting clientele. We have been able to sustain a successful business selling and servicing our customers with quality jewelry at a great value by building trust. We could not sustain our business and continue to grow in all aspects without keeping our customers satisfied. We have third and fourth generation families shopping with our third generation of jewelers because of this trust gained from our long-standing reputation for integrity, loyalty, and our commitment to our clientele. We don’t want to sell our customers once or even for their lifetime, we want to have generations of their business. We strive to keep a fresh, large, variety of inventory from classic to fashion jewelry, watches, clocks, and accessories. Even though our Roth Bros Jewelers name stays consistent our ability to adapt and grow with the changing times and economy is another way we sustain through multiple generations. Even with thousands of customers we know what we sold families, we know spouses taste, our customers can trust us to ensure their gift is fitting.

After all, most purchases signify an important event or milestone in your life. You are our guest in the store and will always feel welcomed into a comfortable no pressure atmosphere where you will leave feeling helped and not sold. Roth Bros Jewelers goal it to make the purchase and repair of jewelry, watches, clocks, and accessories fun and stress free for our clients. We really emphasize the fun!!! One purchases Jewelry during special occasions in their lives, for the ones they love, to remember.The quality Jewelry, Clocks, Specialty items you purchase at Roth Bros Jewelers are heirlooms that will remind you of those special occasions.